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We all need a Superhero sometimes!


This is Captain Britain, one of the small group of Marvel created BRITISH Superheroes (other creators of Superheroes are available). In these UNPRECEDENTED times (sorry!), we could all do with a SUPERHERO, to help us out!

Like all Superheroes, Captain Britain has a secret hideaway, and ONA have been sworn to secrecy not to divulge where it is. ONA were privileged to be involved with the installation on many of his hideaway's 'IT Infrastructure Services'.

The brief was very specific. COMMUNICATION being key, we had to ensure the Data Cable and FIBRE were of the Highest specification to manage the requirements of the 'Ultra-Advanced' Technology used to help save the world; standard job for ONA really!

Initially we undertook an IT Audit of the hideaway's
'IT Infrastructure' to see what we needed to enhance or simply start from scratch and install NEW; making the system perfect for his requirements.

Due to the size of the hideaway, certain areas had to be covered by a NEW Wireless Network. Everything being managed by the Central Cabinet.

When Captain Britain's hideaway is being filmed by Marvel, lighting will be key. Making the hideaway look 'mean-n-moody' of course! As we know, it is not just computers that work via our lovely strands of data cable, lights and other services do as well.

And finally, if by chance one of the world's nefarious 'Super Villain's' did discover where Captain Britain is based. Any attach that manages to knock out some of the systems, would be 'Up and Running' again automatically with the UPS system ONA installed. So, if the power goes down, the UPS POWERS UP and Captain Britain is fully functional again!

Great work ONA!

We do undertake more basic installations (SEE ONA SERVICES), but this one you will have guessed, has considerably stuck in our minds!

Maybe we could help you in your secret hideaway or lair sometime!

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