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John Kinge, Head of Risk at SAFEcontractor

More companies need to understand the importance of adopting good risk management in the way that Open Network Associates Ltd has done. The firm's high standard has set an example, which will hopefully be followed by other companies in the sector

IAP UK - IT for you

As a provider of an array of IT & communications services, IAP have a regular need of reliable network installation for our clients.

Roy & the team at ONA have recently completed two installations on our behalf and proposed an impressive solution at another challenging site. We have been happy for ONA to communicate directly with our long standing customers on infrastructure matters, knowing that the solutions will be well thought out, costs effective & fully explained to the end user.

We would be very happy to recommend ONA for cable, fibre or wireless installations & look forward to continuing this successful partnership.

Malmesbury School

Working with a major construction company, we installed a copper and fibre voice and data infrastructure in three new-build secondary schools under a PFI project in Wiltshire. Incorporating 800 category 5e lines per school, plus inter block fibre and voice connections, this project was completed on time and within budget. We continue to work with G4S, the management company for the PFI, as well as the schools directly.

We have carried out major refurbishment and change of use projects at Malmesbury School, which boasts high performing school status and specialist school status, as well as auditing the communication cabinets in the school and rebuilding them. Both the size and the requirement of the existing network has increased substantially since the original installation, so Open Network Associates Ltd continues to help and advise the school on how to improve the performance of the network in line with the growing needs of the school.

Ravenswood School

Ravenswood School has been using ONA for our networking for over 10 years and over that time we have built up a great working relationship. 

We have used ONA for physical expansion of our Ethernet network; installing Ethernet sockets around the school, installing network switches, the installation of a wireless network throughout the school and, most recently, the expansion of our network into three classrooms within a new building.  One of the most impressive jobs they carried out was installing a new, larger, communication cabinet for the school in a different room to the old one. 

The cabling from every Ethernet socket around the school terminated at the old cabinet so ONA had to extend all the cables and re-terminate them at the new cabinet next door.  The job was done during a half-term holiday and it was done incredibly carefully; we were very pleased (and just slightly amazed) that not one network device around the school had a problem connecting on the Monday morning.

  We now place our absolute trust in ONA to do an excellent job and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.


As a professional IT consultant offering services and support to businesses around Bristol for the last 13 years, I am very pleased to call on ONA to do office cabling and networking. 

ONA understand the importance of being tidy and unobtrusive while completing cabling in a busy office to a very high standard.  My clients have nothing but praise for ONA which reflects well on me as well! 

Thanks Roy for great, professional and cost effective service

Scan Film or Store

ONA provided us with all the CAT5E cabling at our new premises in Bridgwater. This was a new build project and their help  and advice on identifying our needs to provide a high quality and cost effective solution was very impressive.

The installation was carried out on time and within budget and we would have no hesitation in recommending the services of ONA to any business that requires a professional job at an affordable price.

GCC Innova

We have been working with ONA since 2010 and every project ONA have completed on behalf of our customers has been delivered professionally, on time and within budget, all of our customers have commented on the quality and professionalism demonstrated by ONA when working on their sites.

I would wholeheartedly recommend ONA for everything from testing existing networks, to the complete re-cabling of an entire site.


Working to a very tight deadline we were asked to implement a new structured cabling system for Spofforths Accountants in Sussex. This included removal of an old cabling system that did not meet the requirements of the client, a data installation into the existing floor boxes and an innovative new under floor flexible power track system for the electrical power.

Each floor box had 4 off Category 5e lines and 1 double power socket. When installed, the Category 5e was left with 5mt slack on the floor box to enable it to be moved at a later date, also the power could be un-plugged and moved using the power track system. A second installation was carried out in a new build office but this time into a screed floor trunking system with fixed floor boxes. The screed floor trunking had limited capacity so we had to plan carefully the cable routes in order to make sure that there was room for new cables as well as any future cabling that may need to be installed. Both of these projects were completed on time and on budget.

North Somerset Council

Presented with the task of running 650 category 5e lines over two floors in a 1960´s building with concrete floors and ceilings during major refurbishment, we designed and planned an innovative bespoke trunking system accessible for future modifications while being aesthetically pleasing within the refit. Our client specified dado high access to the IT services. However, due to the architecture of the building, it was not possible to run trunking at dado height. We therefore designed a trunking system that was fitted to the ceiling but was easy to access after installation, to allow for moves and changes. This we achieved by fixing white plastic trunking, the lid side up, to "U" hangers so that additional lines could be installed easily at a later date. The lines were then fitted into conduits that were run from the trunking and down the pillars of the building to dado height as requested.

St Cuthberts Mill

ONA have been installing our infrastructure since the 1990's, yes back in the days of 10-base2, and 10base5. In the 2000's ONA have been with us through all our upgrades and installations from Cat 5 structured cabling, through managed layer 2/3 switches to fibre optics.

Installations have always been completed to a very high standard, cleanly and efficiently with no disruption to the running of our factory, not to mention excellent after sales support.

I would have no hesitation in recommending ONA to anyone looking for networking expertise. Seriously....what's not to like.

Bristol IT Company

We were asked to prepare a wireless network for a Microsoft conference with just two days’ notice, without any network cabling infrastructure in the 7500 sq. ft. floor where the conference was to take place.

Roy and his ONA team managed to lay out a fibre optics link from our Comms room several floors up to the conference floor, then provided CAT5e cabling across the ceiling space within the conference area thus allowing us to install a Cisco wireless network and provide high speed Internet access in time for the Microsoft conference.

The Microsoft event manager in charge of this event later commented: “This was the first time we planned and carried out a conference at short notice without any Internet or networking infrastructure issues”.

This would not have been possible without Roy and his highly skilled data cabling engineers who completed the task in one afternoon and did not leave until we were happy that everything worked as planned.


ITS have worked with ONA and Roy for a number of years on a number of projects including; Structured office cabling, fibres in data- centres and larger infrastructure cabling projects.

We have found Roy and ONA to be effective, professional and knowledgeable and continue to work with them as trusted partners.”