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Audio Visual Installations

Audio Visual Installation Services Bristol, Bath & Cardiff

ONA supply a wide variety of audio-visual equipment solutions, including commercial display screens, interactive screens and whiteboards to projectors, with a price range to suit your organisation.

Whether you need AV for a classroom, a lecture theatre, a company board room or a smaller setup for your “on the road” sales team, we can supply a system that suits.

Our installations are neat and tidy, with all cabling terminated into wall boxes with replaceable fly leads from the wall box to the device.

We install our audio-visual systems throughout the greater Bristol and Bath region and in Cardiff and South-East Wales.

We carry out free site surveys before we quote.

Videoconferencing Solutions

For many years we have worked with schools and other educational establishments and with companies and corporations to supply and install videoconferencing solutions.

Video communications have become the norm of late. ONA frequently install SHARP’s Video Conference resource, which is distinguished by its high-quality sound and outstanding picture quality, giving a truly pin-SHARP visual solution.

We are also experienced installers of the modular Vision Techconnect system, and can supply and fit to your requirements.

Visitor Management Systems

ONA can configure and install visitor management systems for your reception or sign-in area. We recommend and work with the SHARP Optimised Visitor Management system, which can also be a valuable tool in helping your organisation to manage the current COVID-19 pandemic.

North Somerset Council

“Presented with the task of running 650 category 5e lines over two floors in a 1960´s building with concrete floors and ceilings during major refurbishment, we designed and planned an innovative bespoke trunking system accessible for future modifications while being aesthetically pleasing within the refit.

Our client specified dado high access to the IT services. However, due to the architecture of the building, it was not possible to run trunking at dado height. We therefore designed a trunking system that was fitted to the ceiling but was easy to access after installation, to allow for moves and changes. This we achieved by fixing white plastic trunking, the lid side up, to “U” hangers so that additional lines could be installed easily at a later date. The lines were then fitted into conduits that were run from the trunking and down the pillars of the building to dado height as requested.”

— North Somerset Council

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