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In our many years of business, we have managed to forge some really great relationships, and the most recent for us is with SHARP.

From the first developed of the 'Stay SHARP’ mechanical pencil, hence the name SHARP, they have become an ULTIMATE player within a number of business support markets: Document Solutions, Managed Services,
Energy Solutions, Point of Sale, Furniture and where ONA come into the equation is with SHARP's Visual Solutions range.

As SHARP say ….

……..“As long as people have hopes, visions and ideas, Sharp will be there to create the products and services to make them real. Sharp: as original as you.”

We have, for many years supplied and installed audio visual equipment, mainly into the education sector. interactive white boards and projectors. After all, our lovely ‘Liquorice Strands’ of data cable, simply handle data, whatever the source, so this was a natural development for ONA. As an avid Bi-annual exhibitor at the BSSW Ashton Gate, we were lucky enough to strike up a conversation with Peter Joslin, Regional Sales Manager from which we have built a fantastic working partnership. For ONA, a Micro Business, the relationship and processes have been seamless, and as we have introduced SHARP to many of our clients, this has been great news for all concerned.

Often size does matter, and SHARP have an extensive range of products that can suit your purse and physical visual requirements, these range up to the 80” BIG PAD.

One of our first projects with SHARP was with the Bridgewater Academy, where we installed 30 no. 65”
BIG PADS . Fantastic hardware is nothing without SHARP's software packages, and a 'solution for you' approach to projects, means you as an end user get what you want and need! It goes without saying, the ALL IMPORTANT ONA data cables help link it all together - see 'OUR SERVICES'.  

Any marriage, made in heaven, needs something old and something new, and SHARP are situated in The Old Brewery in Pill (Bristol), where they have a state-of-the-art DEMO ROOM. So, before you sign on the dotted line you can see your kit in action: compare sizes, taste the visual fruits; a visual Amuse-bouche! 

You can see the equipment, try out the video conferencing facilities, meeting room systems, scanner printers and SHARP’s SMART software packages.

Simply, be as interactive as you need to be!

So, if you are thinking about possible future changes within your office/ school's visual resource and need more information then please take a look at SHARP VISUAL SOLUTIONS or email me ROY ADAIR or call me on
0117 2444 366. 



It's Summer Time, well almost!

Sorry, not quite ‘Summer Time’ just yet! 

If you are a school, or have schools or educational establishments as your ICT clients, you know that work on the IT and telephone systems are best done in those long summer breaks. Leaving you with some ‘practical’ time to do, test and get ready for the onslaught of a new term; much quieter with no kids and staff! Whilst they are away, you get to play, well work I know!

It is April now, yes, but it won’t be long before Spring turns into Summer and those long summer days of plenty will expire and it will be September before you know it! 

As you may know, ONA have an extensive range of services that we offer specifically for schools and educational establishments:

Audio Visual (projectors, touch screens, display screens, white boards & speaker systems), which includes the supply, installation and maintenance

Installation of data network and fibre optic cables

I.T. audits and PAT testing

• We are an approved Reillo UPS installer and we also supply .….

…… IT Consumables & IEC Lock Connectors

Together, we have a LARGE VOICE!

For most of you, you will either own, run or work for a SME, or a Micro-Business. The definition being

‘SME – small and medium sized enterprise with between 10 to 249 employees, or a Micro-business between 0 to nine employees.’ and as Theresa May put it, way back in 2016 “SMEs are the backbone of the British economy!” (*)

ONA are part of that wonderful and productive fraternity and together we make up quite a considerable force within the British Economy: providing employment, paying corporation tax, income tax and VAT etc via our business, our employees and suppliers. Looking at our client list, a majority are Micro Business's and SMEs, and working either directly or indirectly for our clients client’s, these also fall into that same category. 

This is nothing new I know, as a majority of you will be in the same boat, and as such you sail through the same murky waters as we do at ONA; the same issues and concerns that we have in managing our business successfully. Never wishing to over politicise this, but together we have ‘A LARGE VOICE’, but do not always get referred to or quoted within the media, whereas the CBI, the Big Unions and on occasions the IoD do get referenced or consulted. Consider this, in the 5.7 millions business's within the UK, 96% or 5.5 million are Micro Business’s (0 to 9 employees) and equates to 33% of the overall employment of the UK (**)

Watch me, one day I'll be on Question Time!   

Being a member of the IoD (Institute of Directors) and the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses), I suspect the many members these organisations have, will voice the same issues that we have; it is often the subject of discussion when networking with business peers. 

This is not meant to paint a gloomy picture, as there are many great opportunities that come from being a Micro Business, swimming in this pond: decision making is quicker, opportunity to build close working client and supplier relationships, camaraderie through working with the same business issues etc and just look at the positive effect of David upon Goliath!

So, through 2018 we will be writing various articles on being a Micro Business/ SME and would love to hear what your thoughts are about being the ‘One of Many’. Please do drop us a line at ONA, on any MIcro/ Small Business topics that you would like to discuss. It would be great to hear more about your thoughts.

If you would like to know more about Micro or Small Business within the UK, then please click on the links provided below.

House of Commons - Business Statistics

FSB Small Business Statistics



Reference media

(*) Backbone of the British Economy  

(**) House of Commons - Business Statistics


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Their future, in your hands - SchoolTec

“If we teach today, as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow!”

John Dewey (American Philosopher)

So said John Dewey and looking at this with two different hats on: working in the IT/ Technology sector and more importantly bringing up two daughters, it leads us to a simple conclusion …..

….. education is enhanced by the use of technology!

Ssssh, no great epiphany I know, if you are either in IT and/ or have children, you will agree that technology provides a positive experience when used in the classroom - SchoolTec.

“Around 75 percent of educators think that technology has a positive impact in the education process. Educators also recognize the importance of developing these technological skills in students so they will be prepared to enter the workforce once they complete their schooling.”

(Source: Teach.HUB – CompTia)

According to the study mentioned above, students prefer technology because they believe that it makes learning more interesting and fun. Subjects that students deem challenging or boring can become more interesting with virtual lessons.

(Source: TeachHUB – CompTia)

At ONA, we have had a great opportunity to be involved with the supply, installation and maintenance of SchoolTec: Smart Boards, Interactive screens, Projectors etc with a number of schools and it is great to get positive feedback about the importance of SchoolTec within the educational environment and how the classroom is so much more interactive nowadays.

You would possibly have your ‘head in the sand’ if you did not know that schools are facing extreme budge issues. I am sure each school has a mass of plates they need to keep spinning to ensure that the SchoolTec supplied fits within their budgets, be installed timely; minimising cost, and where appropriate inspection and maintenance costs can be minimised as well. All of which comes as standard with our service at ONA. The point being, we understand the problems faced by schools and we like to help, although .....

..... “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important!

(Source: Bill Gates)

So, we are not trying to take all the credit as there is still a person that sits/ stands at the front of the classroom, with a steady hand on the virtual tiller, nurturing our children through the educational curriculum. It is great to be involved though, if only in part, with helping grow the future!

Historically, the teacher at the front of the class was the ONLY information source for the children sat in front of them, whereas with the introduction of technology into the classroom it means that the educator can focus and guide the children to multiple areas of information resource, and so can help those possibly lagging with a bit more ONE 2 ONE time.

The use of classroom technology can spill into ‘OUT of HOURS’ schooling, as children can access education platforms whilst at home. Educational platforms can be accessed safely in this manner, intergrating 'child and technology' at school and at home and as such supports the pupils daily development.

We obviously get into the realms of ‘being safe On-line’ at school and home, but that is for another BLOG.

So, simply allowing children access to technology in the classroom, gives them, in its basic form access to future vocational skills, and as such .....

….. education is enhanced by the use of technology!

Thank you for reading our BLOG!

Roy Adair 


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Cornish cables

A very interesting film on the communications infrastructure in Cornwall -


Keeping you connected with IEC Lock Connectors

Often, the best ideas are the simplest!

Take for instance the IEC Lock Connector. When carrying out work on your IT/ Telephone infrastructure, it is easy, even with care, to dislodge a connector or two!

An IEC Lock Connector ensures these accidents DO NOT HAPPEN, making sure you remain CONNECTED! 

Hey you!, Yes you! - We sell IT Consumables




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