Together, we have a LARGE VOICE!

For most of you, you will either own, run or work for a SME, or a Micro-Business. The definition being

‘SME – small and medium sized enterprise with between 10 to 249 employees, or a Micro-business between 0 to nine employees.’ and as Theresa May put it, way back in 2016 “SMEs are the backbone of the British economy!” (*)

ONA are part of that wonderful and productive fraternity and together we make up quite a considerable force within the British Economy: providing employment, paying corporation tax, income tax and VAT etc via our business, our employees and suppliers. Looking at our client list, a majority are Micro Business's and SMEs, and working either directly or indirectly for our clients client’s, these also fall into that same category. 

This is nothing new I know, as a majority of you will be in the same boat, and as such you sail through the same murky waters as we do at ONA; the same issues and concerns that we have in managing our business successfully. Never wishing to over politicise this, but together we have ‘A LARGE VOICE’, but do not always get referred to or quoted within the media, whereas the CBI, the Big Unions and on occasions the IoD do get referenced or consulted. Consider this, in the 5.7 millions business's within the UK, 96% or 5.5 million are Micro Business’s (0 to 9 employees) and equates to 33% of the overall employment of the UK (**)

Watch me, one day I'll be on Question Time!   

Being a member of the IoD (Institute of Directors) and the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses), I suspect the many members these organisations have, will voice the same issues that we have; it is often the subject of discussion when networking with business peers. 

This is not meant to paint a gloomy picture, as there are many great opportunities that come from being a Micro Business, swimming in this pond: decision making is quicker, opportunity to build close working client and supplier relationships, camaraderie through working with the same business issues etc and just look at the positive effect of David upon Goliath!

So, through 2018 we will be writing various articles on being a Micro Business/ SME and would love to hear what your thoughts are about being the ‘One of Many’. Please do drop us a line at ONA, on any MIcro/ Small Business topics that you would like to discuss. It would be great to hear more about your thoughts.

If you would like to know more about Micro or Small Business within the UK, then please click on the links provided below.

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Reference media

(*) Backbone of the British Economy  

(**) House of Commons - Business Statistics