ONA Charity - doing 'our-little-bit!'

Over the many years of running ONA (Open Network Associates) we have tried to a do ‘our-little-bit’ for chosen charities. We, in truth, only scratch the surface with our support, but doing at least a little means, as a collective, the charities gain.

Historically, we have supported BRACE – Funding Research into Alzheimer’s , donating funds via savings on our Christmas Card; Print versus Digital, and where ever possible, supporting them with mentions, sharing etc via Social Media. I know Mark Poarch, BRACE's Chief Executive via the extensive networking he has to undertake to help raise funds for BRACE.

Back in 2015 I undertook an arduous trek across Europe via motorcycle to help raise awareness of BRACE and went to see a number of Alzheimer’s Research centres, to see the research they do into the multi-facets of Alzheimer’s. Some of the key things I took away from this, were:

  • How important it is for researchers to pin point an exact element to research, as time and money can easily be wasted going down the wrong route, and
  • How research has to integrate into other research, so saving money and time with cross fertilisation of ideas and findings. This is very important when related to medicine as getting new trials started is very time consuming; the clock, as we know, is already ticking, and
  • What struck me immensely, is how competitive the charity market is, as they are ALL fighting to get access to our ££££££'s. We often make our CHARITY choices based upon personal experience, mine was a close family friend Ada.

Last Christmas, besides BRACE we also started our support of Jessie May Children’s Hospice at Home, from an indirect experience. In fact, it relates to a client of ONA's whose daughter is receiving excellent care via the Jessie May organisation. We were not asked to support, but as a parent, I felt a pang to try to do something, even if it is ‘our-little-bit’!

As such, we have now adopted them as part of our Christmas appeal and mentioning/ sharing where we can to help provide a little support to them. 

You may have a charity that you support yourself, but if not then both of these do have giving pages.


If we all do ‘our-little-bit’ we can help organisations, such as BRACE and Jessie May thrive because without these organisations people would not receive the great care and compassion they so richly deserve!

So, maybe you can do 'your-little-bit'!