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Copper Network Cabling Installation

ONA are installers of Datwyler, Brand-Rex and Nexans Cabling systems although we can install any manufacturers systems. We insist on only installing brand name equipment and as a system, i.e. Brand-Rex cable connected to Brand-Rex connectors and patch panels, Nexans cable connected to Nexans connectors and patch panels etc.

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These, and all the main manufacturers, spend millions of pounds on R&D to make sure their systems work to their maximum potential.

They are also involved in the forums that work with the standards bodies such as the IEEE, ISO/IEC and TIA to develop the cabling standards and work closely with the organisations that have developed the network protocols that all networks use.

All of our installed lines are tested using Fluke certification field testers with the results saved and filed as well as being made available to you at your request at any time. We have a test catalogue going back 10+ years!

Malmesbury School

“Working with a major construction company, we installed a copper and fibre voice and data infrastructure in three new-build secondary schools under a PFI project in Wiltshire. Incorporating 800 category 5e lines per school, plus inter block fibre and voice connections, this project was completed on time and within budget. We continue to work with G4S, the management company for the PFI, as well as the schools directly.

We have carried out major refurbishment and change of use projects at Malmesbury School, which boasts high performing school status and specialist school status, as well as auditing the communication cabinets in the school and rebuilding them. Both the size and the requirement of the existing network has increased substantially since the original installation, so Open Network Associates Ltd continues to help and advise the school on how to improve the performance of the network in line with the growing needs of the school.”

— Malmesbury School

As Red Adair famously said – “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

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