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LED Lighting Solutions

ONA supplies and installs LED lighting for offices and intelligent buildings.

Electric lighting was traditionally a significant overhead for all businesses owing to the relative inefficiency of both the incandescent bulb and fluorescent strip lights.

LED lighting is far more efficient than either of these technologies; and there is now an LED solution for all lighting applications.

ONA installs intelligent lighting solutions that can be controlled both centrally to optimise efficiency and locally to maximise employee comfort.

LED lighting installations can be centrally powered by DC current, through Ethernet (Power over Ethernet systems, or PoE), or through a combination of the two (Power and Ethernet solutions, or PaE).

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“ONA provided us with all the CAT5E cabling at our new premises in Bridgwater. This was a new build project and their help and advice on identifying our needs to provide a high quality and cost effective solution was very impressive.

The installation was carried out on time and within budget and we would have no hesitation in recommending the services of ONA to any business that requires a professional job at an affordable price.”

— Scan Film or Store

PoE systems currently carry the disadvantage of high cost when used with devices having power requirements in excess of 25W.

At ONA, we install a PaE system with significant benefits over PoE in terms of reliability, cost, and ease of set-up and programming.

Our system gives Ethernet connectivity to an easily accessible central LED driver rack unit, which in turn supplies DC power to remote fixtures through standard RJ45 Category 6A cabling.

All wiring runs on a low voltage, making it safer than mains electrical installations. With this system, it is also easy to add or replace both drivers and fixtures.

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