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Our IT Infrastructure Services

Our IT Infrastructure Service

ONA offer a professional design, installation and maintenance service for all areas of IT infrastructure. Here's a walk through some of the main areas we work with:

Network Cabling Installations

Specialising in high-quality cabling installations across the South West, we understand that IT cabling is the vital branch work that connects your network and needs to be both optimally functional and durable.

We test our installations to ensure that everything is in order, and always finish the job by labelling everything correctly and in a simple-to-understand format.

Audio Visual Installations

Our range of audio-visual solutions includes commercial displays, interactive screens, projectors and videoconferencing facilities.

Whatever your requirements, we can advise on the best equipment compatible with your available space to suit your work and within your budget.

We will complete every job to the highest standard, and ensure that the installation cabling is kept neat and tidy throughout.

Fibre Optic Cabling and Termination

Although we often work with our clients existing fibre optic cabling installations, maintaining and improving them, we can also design and install completely new systems.

We are highly experienced at installing fibre-optic cabling, and have worked with many large organisations, for whom having a secure network was of the highest importance.

We are a Fibre-optic Industry Association member and an accredited installer, meaning you can rest assured we know what we are doing when it comes to fibre-optic cabling!

IT Audits and Cabinet Changes

As businesses grow over time, companies will most probably change or upgrade their IT systems in order to serve larger teams. If this is done incrementally, it may be that cables, wires and other items associated with supporting the network become messy and confusing to navigate.

One of the services we offer is a complete IT audit in order to work out the best possible solution for your cabling and cabinet layout. This task is often one that goes off the radar, but it is important for general safety and future maintenance needs that your network is set up in the most easy-to-understand, safe and compact way.

Copper Network Cabling Installations

We are happy to install any copper network cabling systems by any manufacturer system, including Datwyler, Brand-Rex and many others, but we prioritise consistency for compatibility’s sake, and so will only install equipment of a single brand within any one system.

The reason behind this being that each company works to make its system seamless when working within that system, but they all use slightly different technologies.

Wireless Network Installations

We install a vast range of wireless networks, and can cover much of the South West of England, and also parts of South Wales. We specialise in business installations and if you wish to work with us, we will start by arranging a visit to the location to discuss your requirements and advise on which system we think will best suit your needs. In today’s increasingly prevalent work-from-home culture, we are also seeing a lot of demand for home-based installations, and we are happy to quote for and install these too.

LED Lighting Solutions

LED lighting solutions offer much better efficiency than fluorescent lighting such as traditional tube strip lamps, and leave traditional incandescent bulbs trailing in the dust. We are experienced at designing and installing LED lighting solutions for offices and all other business and industrial premises, setting them up with ease of use in mind, with a central control.

There are now LED solutions for all types of lighting applications, so we will be able to help regardless of your existing set-up.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

We know the importance of an Uninterruptable Power Supply, or UPS, when trying to run a business. Whether your business is based in the inner city or in the middle of the countryside, you cannot be sure of a continuous mains power supply, and when the power does go down, you stand to lose valuable productivity and perhaps even suffer damage to your sensitive electronic equipment including computer data storage devices such as hard drives and flash drives.

For peace of mind and to ensure that your business can continue to run in the event of an outage, think about installing a UPS system. We will listen to your requirements and can advise on which UPS system is best for your needs.

IT Consumables Supplies

As well as the many larger installation services we offer, we also supply a vast range of IT consumables products that can be posted throughout the UK.

Please feel welcome to get in touch with us, outlining your needs and what you require, and we will come back to you with advice and, if we can help, a cost.

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