Fibre Optic Cabling Installation

ONA have been installing Fibre optic cabling for 20 years.

Although the majority of our fibre work is for our own clients, we are quite willing to hire out our Fusion Splicer and manpower to other parties at very competitive rates.

Our fibre work has been carried out for the MoD (fibre to the desk), and for MoD contractors for ultra-secure networks, as well as for secure server farms, campus building links and long internal inter-cabinet links.

We have installed in listed buildings such as Salisbury Cathedral and Waddesdon Manor, as well as schools and modern commercial offices.

All fibres are tested according to the installation standards using a recordable light meter and source, we can also test using a OTDR if required.

We are also a Fibre optic Industry Association member (FIA) and an FIA accredited installer. 

Fibre Optic Termination

In the 20 years that we have been installing fibre optic cabling, we have seen numerous different termination techniques and connector types, from SMA connectors glued and polished by hand to the latest Fusion Splicing of LC “pig tails”.

We know and can work with all the fibre optic cable termination types and connectors.

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