IT Audits & Network Cabinet Changes

Over time, most businesses will change and adapt their IT systems to match the growing demands of the business; in some cases, cables, cabinets and networks can become messy and muddled making it difficult to make sense of what is in there.

We can provide a complete IT connection audit of your site including: comprehensive data and layout schematics of your network connections and reorganising your communications cabinets.

This is often a task that many IT departments have to neglect due to the constant demands of the day to day running of the business; it only becomes a problem when it's too late and you have a problem.

A clearly labelled and documented network is an integral part of the ability to troubleshoot should a problem arise; our IT audit will comprise:

  • examination and documentation of communications cables
  • dismantling and reconstruction of the communications cabinet (Colour coded if necessary)
  • clear labelling and management of all cables
  • disconnection of unnecessary cables
  • production of schematic network drawing
  • creation of audit documentation for future moves and changes

In order to eliminate any disruption to the business, we are able to offer this service outside of your normal business hours.

PAT Testing

Due to our knowledge of IT, we can also offer PAT testing in server rooms and communications cabinets.

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