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Relocating a business is often a challenging and stressful time, and one of the most crucial components is the seamless transfer of IT and telecommunications systems and equipment.

Organisations are under pressure during office moves to minimise lost productivity and to ensure the transition happens as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Office Relocation Network Services Bristol, Bath & Cardiff

We can provide an office move service to clients throughout the greater Bristol and Bath area and in Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Cardiff and South Wales which includes:

  • An initial audit of both sites to check that everything needed is in place and ready for the move
  • We will disconnect all cabling, systems and equipment and manage the moving of the equipment to the new site
  • We will reconnect and rebuild all cabling, systems and equipment in the new site
  • We will carry out all necessary testing

Working with your in-house team, we can survey your new office and test any existing data lines to make sure that you have the correct data and power connections in the correct places and working with our strategic partners we can arrange the transfer of your existing broadband and voice lines to the new office location or the installation of new lines. We can even arrange the move itself with our partners Harrow Green.

Services that we can provide in-house are - Mains power installation, Copper and Fibre data cable installation and Audio Visual installation.

Together with our partners, we have a vast amount of experience in planning, managing and implementing the relocation of IT systems; each move is different and we can tailor a plan to suit you, whether it is a small office move or relocation on a much larger scale.

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