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PIN SHARP – Video Conferencing!

Pin Sharp

PIN Sharp - Video Conferencing!

Over many years we have worked with schools and other educational establishments, either DIRECT or through other IT Managed/ Support companies. The growth of which has been partially due to our relationship with SHARP.

You will know ONA are GREAT Networkers. We ferret into all your hidden places to get our lovely 'Liquorice Strands' of cable, so you can do the wonderful things you do for your clients; we are the unsung heroes in the IT mix!

ONA are also great exponents of the art of Networking, as you will have seen us at BSSW, held at Ashton Gate. It was at one of these events where we had the good fortune to meet SHARP.

Understandably we went through many meetings to make sure we had the right fit; working with SHARP means you are a representative of their BRAND and values!

Hey presto, the first project went really well, and from then on we have never looked back!

Video communications have become the NORM. of late and that does not simply stop at the communication process itself. We have worked through LOCKDOWN with SHARP on the installation of their 'VIDEO CONFERENCE' resource.

'Pin SHARP' hardware, no less!

It is not just about CONNECTIVITY, it is about picture and sound quality as well, and that is where SHARP have a fantastic 'Video COnferencing' resource. From small staff groups, up to larger corporate facilities, and not just specifically in the corporate world itself, but in the classroom and the educational environment.

ONA are KEEN exponents of using and supplying 'A1' quality products across all materials we use. We say ‘Buy Cheap, Buy Twice’! SHARP have such a GREAT reputation, they provide a truly Pin SHARP – Visual Solution.

It is great to be partnering with SHARP but do not take our word for it though, take a look at what SHARP can offer you and your clients - SHARP Visual Solution.

SHARP products and services can provide what you are looking for – a Pin SHARP product!

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