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What do we do?

So, what do we do? In this video, find out the main services we offer. We give examples of our work and insight into some of our processes, and show images of what this looks like in practice. We also highlight clients that we have worked with and how to get in touch with us.


How to Cleave Fibre

Within this informative how-to video, we show you how to cleave fibre. The process of cleaving is one of the main steps to be carried out before moving on to a fibre splice operation. The method used is often known as the scribe-and-tension strategy. The tool we are using in this video is called a wire stripper. The machine is a Sumitomo Electric Fibre Cleaver.


How to Splice Fibre

In this how-to video, we show you how to successfully splice fibre. Begin by first ensuring that your fibre is cleaved. This will make for a successful splice. If you are unsure on this step, watch our previous video ‘How to Cleave Fibre’. Following this step, set up your splicing machine and you are ready to splice your fibre.



In this video, find out more about Nexans. They are global experts in cable and cabling systems, and their expertise has supported the development of some of the world’s most ambitious projects in regards to cabling. We are proud to have them as a long-standing supplier, and we only use the best.

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