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The New NORM. – “Sorry, can you repeat that!”

Dalek FINISHED copy

In our experience, 50% of all video calls/conferences/chats have an issue! 

Bold statement I know, but the New Norm. is to meet Face to Face digitally! ONA in fact do some of our site surveys via this process, see our COVID – 19 work policy

So, you have that important call, you are up, ready, smartly attired (at least the top half anyway), and you need to make that presentation/sales call/business meeting/that chat with the BOSS.

All of which need an IMPORTANT OUTCOME.

We all know that FIRST IMPRESSION count …….

……. then you have connection issues and the 40 minute call is 20 minutes fiddling with connection issues, 10 minutes apologising, 10 mins bashing out a struggling ELEVATOR pitch!  

Often, you sound like a Dalek!

What we are NOT talking here is video etiquette, or lighting issues, or making sure your partner does not appear in the background unannounced, but simply CONNECTIVITY!

Your companies IT system is set up for CONNECTIVITY, but who knew that we would all be ‘Video-Calling’ to such an increased level, as we have done so far.

ONA are specialists in CONNECTIVITY! and for those with a regular ‘Home Office’ or those that the ‘Home Office’ is the New NORM. we can help with your connectivity and where appropriate, we can work with partners to BUNDLE  a
‘Connectivity/ Broadband’ package.

So, let’s make the New Norm. a positive thing and not something of apprehension!

Call on 0333 320 7279 or email me ROY ADAIR for more information.


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