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Wireless Networks Installation

Wireless Network Installations Bristol, Bath & Cardiff

We can install a wide range of wireless networks from high-level controller based systems by EnGenius to Aruba Instant On.

Our preferred high-level product range is EnGenius. However, Aruba Instant On is our preferred SOHO offering as it gives simple setup and management but with enterprise performance ideal for the home office if you are experiencing connectivity issues - Check out our Blog.


We install wireless networks throughout the greater Bristol and Bath area, as well as Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Cardiff and South Wales.

First we arrange a site visit to discuss with you what your requirements are and how you want to use the wireless, and importantly, what your expectations are. This, to a certain extent, will dictate which system is suitable for you.

There would be no point in selling you a top-of-the-range system if all you needed were a couple of “hot spots” for mobile devices. An Aruba Instant On system may be suitable, but by the same token, if you needed high bandwidth for application-hungry systems, we would recommend a high-level systems such as EnGenius. It is a case of ‘horses for courses’.

We do not install low-end access points, as these invariably prove to be incapable of giving good, reliable service in a commercial / education environment.

Bristol IT Company

“We were asked to prepare a wireless network for a Microsoft conference with just two days’ notice, without any network cabling infrastructure in the 7500 sq. ft. floor where the conference was to take place.

Roy and his ONA team managed to lay out a fibre optics link from our Comms room several floors up to the conference floor, then provided CAT5e cabling across the ceiling space within the conference area thus allowing us to install a Cisco wireless network and provide high speed Internet access in time for the Microsoft conference.

The Microsoft event manager in charge of this event later commented: “This was the first time we planned and carried out a conference at short notice without any Internet or networking infrastructure issues”.

This would not have been possible without Roy and his highly skilled data cabling engineers who completed the task in one afternoon and did not leave until we were happy that everything worked as planned.”

— Bristol IT Company

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